Crothall Healthcare

Crothall has been serving the healthcare industry for over a quarter century.We specialize in support services so our Clients can focus on healing. We follow the successful formula our Parent company Compass Group created – we have dedicated specialists in each service line. We “grow” Craft Masters and place a very high priority on promoting from within to retain that expertise. 

Our sister company, Morrison Healthcare, has served Healthcare for over 50 years. Like Crothall, they specialize in Patient Dining and Retail food for their healthcare Clients. It’s their expertise. Their knowledge base. Since every hospital is unique, Morrison applies analytics to understand what menu items are preferred for each area and designs menus around that data.

Morrison and Crothall joined forces to create Compass One Healthcare. As healthcare Clients started “bundling” services from a single provider to maximize productivity and savings, Compass One Healthcare was created. Today our 47,500 Associates serve 2,067 Clients in 48 states with a retention rate of 98%. We are proud to serve 11 of the top 20 Acute Care hospitals and 7 of the top 10 Children’s hospitals as ranked by US News and World Report.

We are part of the Compass Group family of companies. Compass One Healthcare joins other Brands at Compass Group like Bon Appetit, Canteen, Chartwell’s, Levy Restaurants, Eurest, Flik, Restaurant Associates and Wolfgang Puck Catering. Compass Group PLC is the largest provider of contact services in the world.