S & S Private Home Care, LLC

1. Changes bed linen, washes and iron recipient’s laundry, and cleans recipient’s quarters.
2. Purchases, prepares and serves food for recipient following special prescribed diets.
3. Assists recipients into/out of bed, automobile, or wheelchair, to bathroom, and up/down stairs.
4. Assist recipient to dress, bathe, and groom self.
5. Assists with administration of prescribed oral medications underwritten direction of physician or as directed by home care nurse.
6. Accompanies recipients outside home, serving, as guide, companion, and aide.
7. Engages appropriate recipients in activities such as reading aloud, and playing cards or other games.
8. Performs variety of miscellaneous duties as requested such as obtaining household supplies and running errands.
9. Follow the Plan of Care and conducts an on-going review of the recipient’s individual plan of care.
10. Participates in work-related orientations.
11. Encourages and promotes independence and self-reliance
12. Maintains contact with significant others in the recipients’ lives.
13. The Personal Assistant also completes a daily Service Record report in accordance with S & S Private Home Care, LLC policy. The employee / contractor complete time records / invoices of hours worked, and any other requirements / documentations dictated by the agency.
14. Other duties as assigned