USGP was founded in 2008 by service-disabled Air Force veteran, Joshua Graves. It was the desire to excel in a market that was filled with standard industry practices when providing medical support to federal treatment facilities around the United States. Through Mr. Graves service in the Air Force, he developed a passion for helping veterans and military personnel alike. The vision for the company was driven by his time spent serving our country and the use of veteran-based services that were provided. Mr. Graves saw a gap that needed to be filled with opportunity and prosperity.

USGP meets at the intersection between opportunity and preparation. We thrive on being prepared in case of an opportunity arises for us to expand our reach beyond limitations and borders. This allows us to provide opportunities for our veterans and the public by serving those who serve us. We offer programs that would not be possible without our partnerships with the Government and its members.

We believe in an open market that is public friendly with a veteran focus. Our team of innovators offers solutions for facility challenges that range from staffing shortages to medical supply requirements. Our future holds an opportunity for expansion that is not limited to one given service industry. We aim to merge veteran participation with current and future clients regardless of government or commercial status. USGP strives to be your veteran-focused single source solution for supporting the success and growth of the clients we serve- past, present, and future.