Flex Health

We are a group of people passionate about changing the way we do clinical staffing. Our team contains a unique mix of clinical, workforce management, financial and technology expertise.

We were born out of a Navicent Health employee’s idea for an industry led solution to the staffing problems she was seeing each day. Flex Health is the manifestation of that vision and has been formed as a joint venture between Navicent Health and leading healthcare innovators, Fitzroy Health.

Flexible nursing jobs
with industry leading pay

We keep our costs low so your take-home is higher

How we’re different


We use smart tools to squash our administration costs and ensure your experience is seamless.


No more confusion on pay. We’ll be clear and upfront with you from the beginning.


While we embrace technology, it’s our people that set us apart. Our friendly team will be with you every step of the way.

We’ve got you covered