Johnson Recruiting

  • Jupiter, FL, USA

I am committed to partnering with both Clients and Candidates to form lasting relationships. I believe that the old form of “transnational” staffing and recruiting is flawed and will not survive in this new, ever-changing business climate. I take a consultative approach to the hiring process that adds value to Client companies, and enhances the lives of Candidates. I achieve this goal by:

Taking the time to learn about my Client companies, their histories, missions, directions, motivations, and work environments. This ensures that you are presented with Candidates that are not only a match on paper but will fit in and excel within your organization.

Helping my Clients attract top talent. In today’s job market, the competition for experienced and talented Candidates is fierce. These are the individuals that will shape the future of your firm;. I work to assist my Clients in positioning themselves as industry leaders, showcase what it is that makes them a great place to work, and offer a true value proposition for joining their team.

Providing the quality, service, and attention to detail that both my Clients and Candidates deserve, thus helping to build lasting relationships.

Going beyond a resume and getting to know each Candidate, their desires, motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. I work to ensure that every match I make will enhance the lives and bottom lines of both parties.