Greater New York Nursing Services

Since 1993, Greater New York Nursing Services has been New York’s standard-bearer for providing the absolute highest level of care in the comfort and familiar environment of our patients’ own homes.

Our commitment to New York’s growing senior and physically challenged population runs deep within our corporate culture. This commitment is reflected
 in the sterling reputation Greater New York has earned in the city’s healthcare sector over close to two decades of dedicated service to the community.

Our broad range of clinical services covers virtually all medical and therapy treatments, including:

· Skilled Nursing

· Wound Care

· Respiratory Therapy

· Immunizations

· Infusions

· Nutrition Counseling

Greater New York is proud to have the city’s most dedicated and qualified team of:

· Nurses

· LPN's

· Geriatric Care Management

· Hospice Care

At Greater New York, patients and caregivers benefit from the expertise, professionalism, resources and responsiveness of an established, large-scale company, while enjoying the intimate familiarity and personal acquaintance of a local neighborhood provider