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Mastering Social Media Guide for Healthcare Organizations and Recruiters (Part 1)

Mastering Social Media Guide for Healthcare Organizations and Recruiters (Part 1)

If you are reading this, then you have probably already dipped your toes into the vast ocean of social media. You might have even used, or considering using, social media for the popular purpose of outreach and marketing. Accordingly, given the ongoing goals and needs of your healthcare establishment, the likelihood exists that social media usage focuses on the acquisition of both consumers and employees.

To reiterate trending headlines, social media remains the link between a company and the rest of the world. The reach of social media is undeniably immense, still years away from blossoming into its full potential. Projections aside, today, myriad social media platforms can be utilized by your company to reach relevant masses in unique ways. 

To start, let's look at some of the most popular platforms for business use, and their applications for business success. 

The popularity of social media platforms by monthly active users from 2014 to 2019.


Facebook, a social media giant, boasts over two billion active monthly users worldwide. Businesses possess the option of creating a page on the platform, known as a ‘Facebook Page,’ to showcase services, post updates or jobs, and communicate with the public via messaging features. Furthermore, utilizing a Facebook Page or personal account, a company can join Facebook Groups to reach target-specific audiences. 

Nowadays, the appearance of a Facebook Page can be as crucial as the appearance of a front office. Among other services such as Google Search, Yelp, and, Facebook Pages is utilized by the public for assessing the quality of a business. In contrast, lack of a Page can project a business as outdated or poorly established. Likewise, a deserted, less curated, or unappealing Page can divert a potential customer or job candidate elsewhere. 

Facebook, while not the only platform to contribute, has transformed people into short-attention-span browsers, continuously scrolling for the next captivating thing. Some spend hours each day in a loop of swiping, reading, watching, swiping, reading/watching, swiping…well, the concept is obvious, if not also a bit head-spinning. Saving mental health concerns for another day, the point is that everyone, business owner and customer alike have become accustomed to being flashed with colors, visuals, and sounds that excite the brain. Moreover, having the internet in our pockets at all times has trained us to expect quick answers and to-the-point instructions. 

The question regarding the Facebook Page is therefore this: is your Page made for the average, demanding social media user? This requires certain core essentials. 

Facebook - Logo

Your business logo is like the frosting on a cupcake or the paint job on a car. Answer this honestly: would you rather eat a perfectly crafted cupcake or one with mangled frosting? While some might overlook a poorly designed logo, or a frosty mess, many others almost instinctively choose the more eye-appealing option. Delving into the design and art elements of a logo would stray off-topic for this article, but the importance of a well-thought-out and creative logo is not. As a priority, consider the current state of your logo and assess whether or not it needs a redesign. Hiring a professional to work on your logo is highly advised in most cases - the investment will prove its worth! 

The optimal image upload size of a logo (placed in the profile picture area) is 800px by 800px

Following the above dimensions assures a clear image that displays beautifully on both desktops and mobile devices. A pixilated logo is not a good look for your business.

Facebook - Cover Photo

If a logo is the frosting, then the cover photo is the wrapping. Simply put, it is additional real estate for a company to emphasize its brand and captivate visitors. 

The optimal image upload size of a cover photo is 820px by 462px

A well-placed cover photo, in combination with a quality logo can mean the difference between a passerby and a long-term customer/employee. Nevertheless, do not be afraid to experiment, bring out your creative nature, and importantly, have fun. 

Please note that the uploaded image will display differently on mobile devices than on desktops. As seen in the image below, the mobile image shows a greater area of the upload both on top and bottom. 

After uploading an image, the user is provided with the option of moving the desktop view up and down. That is, the green area in the picture below can be adjusted in location, while the mobile view remains constant as it will always show both desktop and mobile area. 


Do you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions? Then please leave them in the comment section below.