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Seven Simple (And Easy) Ways to De-Stress Daily - by Tad Lusk, LPC

Seven Simple (And Easy) Ways to De-Stress Daily - by Tad Lusk, LPC

April is “Stress Awareness Month,” so I thought this would be a perfect time to focus on simple, easy, yet extremely effective ways to de-stress.

This can be an enormously stressful time of year for many people:

  • Students working hard to bring grades up before the end of the semester;
  • Parents juggling kids’ activities and their own work;
  • Professionals getting taxes done (I see you, CPAs!)

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The truth is, while a certain level of stress can be a natural response to life’s demands, most of the high level of stress and anxiety that so many people are overwhelmed by, including chronic stress, is unhealthy and unnecessary.

That is, you actually have more power and control over your experience of stress and anxiety than you might think.

By getting “back to basics” — simple, everyday practices that are easy to overlook – you can actually learn to experience peace and calm in the midst of busyness and stressful circumstances.

Here are seven of the easiest and most effective ways to de-stress and feel centered every day.

  1. Are You Breathing? Reminding yourself to breathe deeply every day, as often as possible, is fundamental to feeling good and a powerful tool to instantly feel more calm, centered and in control
  2. Morning Mood Boost: Start your day off right: set aside intentional time to do something relaxing before anything else. Light exercise, prayer, meditation, journaling – it’s up to you, but make sure you set aside at least 20 minutes first thing in the morning.
  3. Get Moving: Exercise and physical movement are some of the BEST ways to improve your mood and feel relaxed. Your brain releases feel-good hormones during exercise that can make your stress dissolve.
  4. Come to Your Senses: Mindfully paying attention to your five senses will help to interrupt the stream of worries and overthinking stressing you out, and you’ll feel much more calm, clear, and “present.”
  5. Slow Down and Savor Something: At least once a day, slow your pace and take a few minutes to savor something pleasant, giving it your full attention. A meal, a drink, a sunset – again it’s up to you, but do this every day and don’t miss the beautiful world around you.
  6. One Thing At a Time: Multitasking doesn’t work. It just increases your stress, distraction, and mistakes (i.e. you’ll be less efficient too). Practice doing tasks one at a time, giving each one your full attention.
  7. Unplug: It’s important to take breaks from electronics, as the constant notifications, emails, communications and distractions add up to more stress. Turn off your electronics at least once a day for as long as you’re able to.

I look forward to hearing how your experience changes when you implement these strategies. Please let me know and share in the comments!

And be on the look out for more helpful stress-related tips coming during the rest of April!

Thanks as always for reading, and be well!

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